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In Duane Reade store 14224, there is an assistant manager named John, but the people there call him Hannah or Sadiq.He said that he wanted to perform a verification on my two 100$ bills.

He pulled out a crayola crayon, marked them, and said that "they were fake so he had to keep them." He didnt even bother to use a marker to make it look like he tried. I hate it when people with G.E.D's try to insult my intelligence.

By the way, he always orders his staff members to destroy the Bill Verifier Machine.He dropped it about 80 times, kicked it around, and sprayed ammonia inside the circuitry.

Monetary Loss: $250.

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these reviews are all fake


I got off the N-train and went to a Duane Reade that was across a K-mart and next to the Famous Famiglia Pizzeria.I expected exception service.

Nonetheless, there was just one girl at the register. Her name tag read "Angelica". The line was extremely long and led to the back of isle 10. Unfortunately, it was Angelica ran into some misfortune and the register would not allow her to log in.

She said that the Assistant Manager John had changed her password without consulting with her. He used her password, in her absence, in order to loot 10-G from the pharmacy.

Ironically, she is never stationed in the pharmacy, and he chose that location to write her up for a "miscount of bills".Too bad that such a long line had to leave.


I went to 8th and Broadway, Duane Reade, to buy some groceries.There was ONE person at the cash register.

The drawer was EMPTY. She said on the loud-speaker "John, to the front for register change". There was no response for at least an hour and a half. Then, the John-guy came out.

He was wobbly and smelt like burnt grass.

He didn't even know where he was.Instead of giving me an apology, he asked me if I ordered fries with my soda.


I have been to such a store.It was a Duane Reade on 8th street and Broadway.

When I went to the back of the store, there was a very foul smell lingering about. Judging from my experience in the Gulf War, I'd say that someone was lighting Heroin in the employees bathroom. An employee whom was a middle-aged, balding, Arabic male with a shirt and tie, came out of that bathroom. He took of his name tag to prevent identification.

Furthermore, he should be very careful because the Opium leaf is not bio-degradable and will induce flooding when flushed down the toilet.That could explain the leaky pipes followed by the brown muddy sticky puddles all over the store.

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