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I purchased an after holiday item at duane reade. It had a %75 off sticker.

The cashier scanned the item and it rang up full price. i do not get to see the receipt until after it is paid so it is up to the cashiers to work their brains and be more than lazy robots if you scan an item and see it is ringing full price manually type in the price and make sure that the %75 off sticker is applied. I checked after I left the store and had to bring back the item and get credited. At that point I no longer wanted the item and I will shop cautiously and shop erlsewhere when possible.

If I had nto checked i would have been out the money.

The cashier is supposed to make sure the item scans properly.

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Clearly you realized the item was clearance. Clearly she did not.

Clearly you should have realized you paid the full price. And ditto to everything iza said


i 110% totally agreed with you iza


maybe if u worked as a cashier for say 8 hours straight on a minimal wage and had no seat to sit on, repeating and doing the same thing again and again until it became automatic then u would understand how easy it is for small issues to occur. in the end its your fault for paying without checking and confirming.

wake up sleepy head. also, the computer system isn't at all modern and isn't perfect, glitches can happen anywhere.

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