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I went into the store on Amboy and Clark Avenue in Staten Island and I dropped off my FedEx paperwork at 11 AM in the morning to the drop off locations ask the girl behind the counter told me thank you and she was scanning in the packages that I had dropped off I had continued into the store to make my purchases at 3 o’clock this afternoon my office received a phone call stating that I forgot my paperwork in the store. I proceeded to call back Duane Read and I asked them why would you call my office and say that I forgot paperwork when you took the packages in to scan them for the FedEx pick up.

They said to me that I just left them there and they didn’t do anything with them I went back to the store I spoke with the manager and the manager said you gave this to the girl and she scanned them in and I had said yes she said let me get the girl the girl denied ever seeing me were taking my packages and I said I can tell you exactly what your scanner looks like when I said that to them they had said well you don’t have a FedEx label I said I do have a FedEx label if you look at it it says FedEx on it they said to me well it’s not the one that we like to use so they wouldn’t give it to FedEx I had said to them I don’t understand you had my packages for five hours you said that you haven’t even in an office somewhere not even with the rest of the FedEx which have legal documents in it certified checks which could’ve gotten lost and it would’ve been a huge problem and they said well it’s not our problem and I said I’m going to call FedEx and put in the complaint which I have and I wanted to let corporate also now that they told me that they didn’t give a *** if I called and made a complaint and those were their exact words I think it’s pretty horrible that your staff who is young and incompetent can talk to people in that manner and can be so unreliable with such important documentation. I also told FedEx that they should really consider using you as a drop off location because it would’ve huge problem if the certified checks and the legal mortgages Indians were lost in your your store .

And to talk to customers that way is really disgusting. Needless to say I will never use your establishment ever again due to the way the store is run And I will also let all my friends in the area know about my experience

Product or Service Mentioned: Duane Reade Customer Care.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

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